Extra Curricular Activities


Student Participation

Each class conducts the morning assembly turn-wise. These class assemblies give each students an opportunity to participate. This develops their oratory skills and confidence. .
The cultural shows put up for the Founders Day as well as for the Sports Day see hundred percent participation. The annual Art Exhibition, Science Exhibition, Computer Week, Holiday Homework Display give every student a platform to exhibit his or her work.

Personality Development

A leader is not one who speaks from a platform, but someone who carves out signatures in people’s hearts. And this becomes possible only when the right education is imparted through the right Infrastructure in the right manner.

DIS organizes Leadership Training Programs and Mentor Programs. These help to create confidence, commitment, effective communication skills and empathy amongst children and they become ready to answer their call for duty even during extreme circumstances.

Students grow in various directions; their interests are kindled by various stimuli; their awareness expands in direct proportion to multi dimensional exposure directed at them. Recognizing this, inter-house & inter-school debates, quizzes ,competitions, talks by eminent personalities, exhibitions are all organized to build an interest and awareness in what is happening in the world around them and equip them with the required confidence and ability.

To help children understand and appreciate the diversity of our cultural fabric, a series of events and festivals are celebrated  in the school campus. Our ultra modern auditorium and its facilities help the performing abilities of our children in creating and executing brilliant stage shows and dramas.
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Creative Skills

We believe that creative achievements build confident human being with great self worth and esteem. Music and dance, theater, pottery and painting, crafting models are not just extra-curricular activities; they are co-curricular activities integrated to their course of study to let the children understand how all learning is interconnected; baking with Chemistry, bowling with Physics, Music with Mathematics.

Games & Sports

In order to keep the children fit, in mind and body, sports form an integral part of the school calendar and each child is required to participate in one or more games and/or sports, specially in those in which he/she excels.

The school has arrangements for regular sports practice and specialized coaches in all popular sports such as Badminton, Cricket, Hockey, Football, Table Tennis, Athletics, Basketball, Skating ,Swimming etc. The school also provides facilities for yoga and training in body building, martial arts such as judo Karate/Taekwondo by trained coaches. Regular matches are conducted among the four houses and with teams from other schools to develop enthusiasm for sports and spirit of healthy competition.

Students participate regularly in inter-school, inter zone and inter-state tournaments which make them focused and discipline them to achieve results in a competitive environment. Our philosophy of we shall be there with you till you become champions, gives them courage and hope to become true champions and leaders.
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Educational Tours & Outings

The school considers educational tours, treks and outings as an integral part of a child's complete education.
It is deemed desirable that all children participate in tours, treks and outings organized at the school level once a year in order to inculcate in them sensitivity to the environment, geographical diversity and ways of living of people of various regions, and familiarize them to their ancient and modern culture and civilization. The school tours not only open the nascent minds to the wider world but also help expose them to different and diverse ways of life, thus developing in them a broad outlook. In addition to the one long mid term excursion, the school regularly organizes weekend picnics and day trips for the school students.