The Formative Years

(Play group, Nursery, KG)

IMG_0442The importance of early year education cannot be underestimated and at Doon International School, we have a truly outstanding kindergarten wing. Children from 2.5 years to 5 years old have a dedicated infrastructure designed keeping their needs in mind. We are blessed with a fantastic environment for our youngest children to explore and a world-class curriculum focused on their individual learning needs.

IMG_0487We use the early Xseed Curriculum as a base but adapt this to our international setting. Xseed has been incorporated in the kindergarten to ensure that learning takes place till the deepest levels. We have an excellent team of highly trained teachers who work closely with children to unveil their talents and promote development in a fun, engrossing and entertaining manner.

To enhance the physical growth and development of the children, we have a dedicated sports program run by Leapstart International. Particular success has been experienced with students who begin their educational journey in our kindergarten program as it provides a strong and positive start and also helps to develop fine and gross sports skills. Our youngest lions are our pride and joy!

The Junior School (Class I-V)

The Junior school is the first step forward for our little ones as they enter class 1. The basic inputs that the child has been provided at the formative stage are consolidated at this level as the students become capable of understanding basic concepts of the various subjects.

The infrastructure and the classroom have been carefully selected to ensure that the sense of belonging created in the early years carries on with the child as they move to the junior school. Various co-curricular and extra curricular activities are introduced at this level and the children are encouraged to explore their creativity and individual talent.

The Middle School (Class VI to VIII)

When the child enters class 6, the school helps them make the transition from a protected environment to one where they develop their individuality and personality. The child is also encouraged to develop their interest in specific subjects as per their aptitude and specialize in their chosen areas.

The child is now familiar with the school environment and is exposed to more formal ways of learning and testing. The subjects are English Hindi, Mathematics, EVS, GK and Computers. Students of Class V are now introduced to an additional language. They can choose between French & Sanskrit according to their interest Co-curricular activities such as Art, Dance ,Drama etc are given a lot of importance as they play a crucial role in the all round development of each child.

The Senior School (Class IX to XII)

The prescribed syllabus of CBSE forms the basis of the curriculum at this stage. Students are exposed to a wide spectrum of knowledge. Project work , audio visual aids, hands on experience excursions and exchanges help to enhance the students learning. CCE is followed in adherence to the CBSE norms.

IMG_2730 The senior students prepare for the first major examination of their lives, the CBSE board Examination of class 10 and 12 At this level the school strives to provide a scholarly yet stress free environment to the students so that they can achieve goals and standards they set for themselves. The teachers at this stage are recognized experts in their field so that the students can be provided every opportunity to excel at academics.

SKYL7462 The senior school children also take the first step into adulthood and need adequate guidance and counseling from all concerned, hence the teacher is encouraged to be a friend, philosopher and guide for the children. The school offers specialized courses of study in the fields of Medical,Non-Medical, Commerce and Humanitites in class 11 and 12 so that the students can be prepared for the careers that they wish to pursue later in life.

Learning Support

Doon International provides for students with a range of abilities. We have learning support teachers to work with students who may find some aspects of the curriculum in their lessons challenging.

The role of learning support teachers includes.

  • Assessment of student's needs

  • Working with class teachers to provide help to the students who need additional support.

  • Creating a plan with targets to address specific needs of the students. It is important that school staff and parents work together and collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for students.

There are regular meetings with parents to discuss the progress of students who are receiving help from the learning support staff. If it is felt that if we are not the school which can best provide for a particular student, the school will support and help parents in finding an alternative placement for their child.

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