Beyond Academics

Our core purpose is to enable our students to acquire the skills and attributes to become leaders for a better world. A leader is someone who has strong interpersonal skills and qualities.

Determination . Knowledge . Adaptability

For the purpose of developing determined, knowledgeable and adaptable students, Doon International provides four strands of education:

  • Attainment at a high level in the chosen academic programmes

  • An awareness of one's own strength and weakness with humility.

  • An ability to refute to others with tolerance, respect and confederation whatever their beliefs and attitudes. This is gained through leadership in action opportunities, House contributions and Boarding.

  • Adopting an outstanding set of values, understanding right from wrong, handling success and disappointment and accepting that one’s actions have consequences. Our curriculum, therefore, places strong emphasis on the Essential Core Skills. Special and unique programs are imbibed in the school curriculum to meet specific needs and to develop student’s physical, intellectual and spiritual capabilities.

IMG_2332 SKYL7437Programs such as Leap start, a sports program, is an integral part of the curriculum and helps to develop fine & gross sports skills. Similarly “Promise”, a program for honing leadership qualities and life skills, has been introduced for grooming students. Additionally, the Entrepreneurship program: at the school helps senior students prepare for the future and is specifically designed for discovering and polishing future innovators.

By providing a challenging and innovative curriculum that has these features, our students develop leadership attributes that prepare them not just for success at a top university and a successful career, but to provide leadership for a better world.

Realizing that a student- teacher and parent- teacher relationship is the most important relationship, Doon International has given a new media of interaction. The school has an ERP which provides single point access of all school related information from anywhere in the world. Parents can have the minutest information about their wards in terms of academics, attendance, online fees and personalized information. The school has also developed a mobile application that parents can download on their mobile phones and hence stay connected with the school effectively and easily. Parents can also post any query to any teacher online which will be replied to promptly by the concerned teacher. Parents and students stay updated with latest happenings in the school with the help of E-news, Image Gallery, newsletters and other facilities. They share their knowledge and views with other parents and school with various features like Articles and Forums.