School Calendar

The school follows the regular academic pattern of premier public schools. The School’s annual programme is as follows:

Summer Vacation - 28 May, 2017 to July 9, 2017
Diwali Break - October 15, 2017 to October 22, 2017
Christmas Break - December 26, 2017 to January 14, 2018

The new academic session of the school begins on April 1 every year and it is desirable that all admission formalities be completed well before that date. However limited vacancies may exist in the middle of the academic year.

Registration/Admission Form

An application for registration is the first stage of the admission process. A registration fee must be deposited with the school along with the application so that the child's name may be registered on the waiting list for the year and class for which the admission is being sought. The registration fee is not refundable. The registration form may be obtained by writing to the school admissions office for a copy of the school prospectus.

Pre-Nursery 2.5 Years Class V 10 years
Nursery 3 Years Class VI 11 years
LKG 4 Years Class VII 12 years
UKG 5 Years Class VIII 13 years
Class I 6 Years Class IX 14 years
Class II 7 Years Class X 15 years
Class III 8 Years Class XI 16 years
Class IV 9 Years Class XII 17 Years


Doon International school aims at excellence in all spheres connected with educating and bringing up children. We are confident that except for purely personal or family reasons a child will not be withdrawn till he/she has completed schooling. But in case it becomes imperative to withdraw a child, it may be done subject to the applicable rules and regulations.

No withdrawals are ordinarily permitted during mid session, except in special circumstances, NO refunds will be allowed nor deductions made in fees and dues payable as per fee regulations. Three months advance notice in writing shall be required if a parent wishes not to send the child for the next session. Such notices should reach the school latest by 31st December of the year preceding that in which the child is sought to be withdrawn. If the notice is not received, it will be assumed that the parent has given consent for the enrollment of the child for the next year and accommodation will be reserved for him/her accordingly and no one else will be allocated that accommodation under any circumstances.

In such an event, the parents will be liable to pay for the entire next school term even if the child does not attend school. Application for refund of Caution Money must reach the school office latest by 31st December of the year in which the child last attended the school. The same shall be processed and cheques for refunds will reach the parent within three months.

Transfer Certificate

Entrance Examination

The school conducts an entrance examination for children seeking admission to Doon International School. These entrance examinations are conducted well before the commencement of the new academic session. The dates on which these entrance examinations will be conducted are communicated well in advance by the school admissions office to the parents of the children seeking admission. Offers for admissions will be given on the basis of the results of these examinations and will depend on the number of vacant seats in each class.

Overseas Applicants

In the case of overseas applicants an offer of admission may be made on the basis of the previous academic performance of the child. Parents of overseas applicants must provide documentary and duly attested evidence to the school that the child has obtained the desired level of academic excellence. The school requires details of the academic record of the student, current mark sheets and a letter of recommendation from a teacher. The admissions committee of the school will subsequently offer admission to students who fulfil the stringent admission criteria.

Academic Scholarships

Doon International Educational Society offers limited part scholarships/bursaries to students on a need cum merit basis. Parents of children who have been offered admission to the school may apply for scholarships/bursaries by writing in confidence to the Principal.