Doon International School provides quality education, sports and co-curricular facilities, as well as living conditions that conform to international standards.


With comfortable and air conditioned dormitories, modern bathrooms, excellent dining facilities and prompt medical attention, along with that a safe and secure campus where live-in staff see to the well being of the boarders, monitor their health and hygiene and maintain discipline; the school is a home away from home for the boarders.

An ultra modern school building with plush interiors, a well stocked air conditioned library, Modern 3D laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Mathematics and a state of the art computer laboratory give our school the cutting edge advantage in terms of infrastructure.

Sporting facilities include a large air-conditioned sports hall, a gymnastic hall, large playground, a semi Olympic swimming pool, a fitness room, flood lit indoor badminton hall, basketball court and a skating rinks. Our garden campuses are imaginative and include safe play areas for the younger pupils and a number of presentation and performance spaces within each phase of the school.

An in house clinic under the supervision of a trained nurse and doctor provide preventive and emergency medical care to the children. The school through medical specialists organizes periodic general, skin, dental and eye-checks and parents are kept informed.

The school also provides transport facilities to the children in modern buses equipped with GPRS, Mobile Phones and First Aid Kits.

Other facilities available to students include:

  • Smart classes & CCTV in every classroom

  • Air-Conditioned hostels for boys and girls

  • A specialized Nursery Wing with Splash pool and other attractive activities

  • • State-of-the-Art Science, Maths, Social Studies, Computer and English laboratories

  • A well equipped, multi-dimensional, air-conditioned library

  • An exemplary sports complex with facilities for outdoor Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Football fields and Indoor Table Tennis and Badminton courts and a semi Olympic Swimming Pool

  • Exhaustive training by Expert Coaches

  • Music and Dance studios with acoustics and an opportunity to learn Instrumental / Vocal Music

  • An ultra-modern Computer Laboratory

  • Internet and E-mail facility

  • Gymnasium

  • Air-conditioned Auditorium equipped with the latest sound technology

  • Spectacular & Contemporary Large sized Swimming Pool

  • Air-conditioned Class Rooms and Laboratories


The school has an in house doctor to look after the medical needs of the students. In addition the school also organizes regular health checkups every term. The school keeps a detailed record of the medical history of each student and appropriate medical care is provided as and when required. The school also has a panel of renowned medical specialists whose services are available to the school students.
The school dining room provides nourishing, healthy meals to the students. The school chefs design the menu, keeping in mind the dietary needs and desires of the children. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served and the students often play an active part in menu planning. The school is very particular about cultural and religious sentiments and neither pork nor beef is ever served.

Boarding Facility

Boarding at Doon international school, Mohali is a home away from home and it is our belief that boarding gives our students a foundation for future success. The students live under the guidance and care of a warden who performs the role that parents would at home and is a friend, philosopher and guide for the students.

With a team of boarding staff, we ensure it is our main priority to provide the best pastoral care for your child ensuring each individual need is met.



The daily routine begins with their early morning chores, after which the children assemble for the morning physical training. This is followed by a refreshing breakfast and then the school assembly which is followed by the regular class room schedule. This consists of 40 minute periods interspersed by a lunch recess and a tea break. The actual number of class room periods may vary from class to class depending upon the age group of the students. Lunch is followed by an afternoon nap, after which the preparatory classes are held for the studies to be complete. The tea break is followed by the sports period during which each child is encouraged to choose and participate in the various sports activities. This is followed by dinner and self study time again before it is time for lights out.
IMG_0990The students live in well furnished air conditioned rooms and are provided with all the facilities for modern living. The boarding houses are a blend of different nationalities and this international environment adds to the warmth within each house. Everyone is supported in their beliefs and encouraged to be sensitive of those around them. The hostels buzz with a family energy that is reminiscent to that of your own.

Life in boarding provides fantastic opportunities for children to advance both academically and in sports and co-curricular activities .Boarders are engaged in a wide range of after school activities as well as provided with a well-structured study routine which allows them to complete their homework and prepare for the tests/examinations. They are fully immersed in the boarding house ethos which promotes the camaraderie of common experience, friendship among peers and trust and openness with teachers and adults in the house.

Wherever your child’s interest lie, there will certainly be an activity for them to enjoy. It is our aim to ensure that your child develops new interests and skills that will enable them to develop as individuals and prepare them for the wider world around them. In addition, boarding at Doon International gives students what they want-the responsibility of appropriate independent living on campus provides a valuable opportunity to learn how to live amongst an extended peer group and allows our staff to reinforce the many lessons of both school and life. We believe that through the range of opportunities provided here, our boarders shall become leaders for a better world.